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At Encompass Innovate, our clients task us with various bespoke training programmes. They range from addressing a specific challenge such as a team not knowing how to use formulas in Google Sheets to an area of growth for the entire business – for example migrating the whole organisation to Google Workspace (and training the entire workforce). 

We love providing training services that are bespoke as they are a powerful way to get meaningful, lasting results. 

In light of Getting to Know your Customers Day (a quarterly event observed on the third Thursdays of January, April, July and October), we’ve listed some of the steps that we take to ensure we provide effective bespoke Google Workspace training programmes. Providing our clients with the most value for money is our best interest. These steps can be transferred into various industries and businesses. As you can probably guess, they all involve getting to know your customers!

Free consultation

We take all of our prospect clients through a free 30 minute consultation to genuinely ‘get to know them’, gaining an understanding of their pain points and goals. During this time we will identify if we can provide business value. 

These conversations also allow for us to build and develop our customer personas which allow us to provide a more personalised experience to each individual.

Innovation Labs

During an Innovation Lab, we create a workshop environment to identify and build solutions. Through activities and brainstorming, we want our clients to gain an understanding of what they want to achieve, or more specifically – what they want staff to do differently as a result of the training.

Our team then goes away and designs a programme that has a framework built for success.

Surveys via Google Forms

Here at Encompass Innovate, we are Google Workspace enthusiasts meaning, we will always find a way to incorporate Google into everything that we do! 

Through the use of Google Forms, we digitally communicate with the Training Organiser in the two following ways:

Pre training questionnaire

Our pre training questionnaire consists of questions that help us to research and collect information about training requirements. We find that by having a series of specific written questions, we get access to more useful and relevant information than if we were just asking a set of questions on the fly. 

Post training evaluation

We invite our clients to complete a post training survey to provide feedback. We compare this information with the pre training questionnaire to examine and measure our impact / the change. This information is then used to better meet their needs as our relationship develops as well as informing our future training programmes and frameworks. 

Some advantages of using Google forms in this way include:

  • Creating uniform surveys in just a few minutes 
  • Asking different types of questions from short answers to multiple choice
  • Making certain questions mandatory to answer meaning you get the data that is of most value to you
  • Ability to ask questions that are relevant to the respondent based on any previous answers (if applicable)
  • Send your surveys to anyone via email – saving time and trees
  • Data is automatically collected in a Google Sheet allowing for easy analysing 

If your organisation is wanting to develop your skills within Google Workspace for Business or Google Workspace for Nonprofit – reach out to us today to book your free consultation! 

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