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Our digital transformation services are not just about technology, when done in an agile way, they are an integral part of business transformation.

Think about it – how much time does your staff waste on tasks that have no business value? As the Digital Transformation Consultancy Company, we can enable you to leverage technology to free up time and resources to support those with more complex needs.

Digital transformation is our core business – we are experts in digital transformation and change management.

Deliver digitally

Adapt to the new norm by providing more of your business online and migrating to a paperless way of working allowing

Stay relevant

By meeting high customer expectations, you will have competitive advantage and not risk falling behind the competition

Manage data better

Ensure your documents and data are securely managed in line with GDPR regulations and data protection guidelines

Optimise operations

Promotes inter-departmental efficiencies that allow employees to embrace technology and collaborate from anywhere

Improve employee culture

Bring an innovative employee culture to your company through use of technology, changing the mindset of your organisation and upskilling staff

Save time and money

Digital transformation consulting is a short term investment for a long term saving. You will save our costs over a period of time

Digital transformation roadmap

1. Free chat

One of our digital transformation consultants will arrange an initial complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and see if there is business alignment.

2. Kick off

Following this, we host a kick off session for both teams to meet and validate your genuine unique business problem, requirements and key performance metrics .

3. Workshop

We then move to the identify phase, understanding your current digital situation and areas for improvement. It’s likely this will involve an Innovation Lab workshop.

4. Roadmap

Our digital management consultants then create your roadmap, detailing clear action items and activities that will bring change, specific to your business goals.

5. Solutions

Should you choose, our Innovation Specialists have the expertise to architect user focused solutions for your needs and budget. You can choose to take this inhouse.

6. Training

If a new system or process recommendation is included in the digital roadmap, we deliver bespoke group training sessions that empower staff to embrace technology.

The importance of digital transformation for consulting companies

Digital transformation has become a major area of investment for organisations of all shapes and sizes seeking to better serve their users through the use of the modern digital experience.

Digital transformation looks different for every business, in general, the continuous process of adopting digital technologies to create a digital ecosystem of new – or modify existing – processes to improve overall business performance.

Our digital transformation services allow your organisation to realign and bring people, data, and processes together. This improves your customer experience and in turn, has a positive impact on employee retention and business growth.

Organisations that go through a digital transformation project become world leaders in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Examples of our digital transformation consulting services

We help companies solve business challenges and digital transformation challenges through the use of technology and digital services. We do this by transforming operating models, employee culture, and ultimately, the user experience. Examples could include but are not limited to:

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The time is now

Digital transformation consultancy services are relevant to every industry yet developing a digital transformation strategy is different for every business. It can be difficult to know when is the right time to digitally transform.

If you are not sure where to begin, we can work with you to develop your digital transformation journey. Book a free consultation today to discuss how we can bring you change.

Digital Transformation Consultants UK

Accredited Digital Transformation Consultants

Encompass Innovate is a Digital Transformation Consultancy UK with an ISO-accredited process. We’re certified for our quality management system, business processes, and robust data protection guidelines. You can trust us to design solutions that will transform your business.

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Digital transformation consulting is the future!

We are your external partner for all things digital transformation. We have the knowledge and expertise to strategically transform business by using leading industry applications and tools. We allow your organisation to fully embrace digital technologies. 

The growth of the Digital Transformation Consulting Market has accelerated continuously in recent years. Research shows firms have a desire across all sectors to exploit new digital innovations to reduce long-term expenditure, introduce efficiencies and improve productivity. 

UK Government funding

Digital transformation consulting is spreading fast through the UK and in many cases, it’s with the support of the United Kingdom government. 

Many services had always identified the opportunities for digital services to support their operations but it seems that it’s taken the pandemic to provide the catalyst. 

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The government has introduced numerous funding projects that back digital transformation. They support both private sector businesses and support the public sector in delivering local government public services digitally. It’s worth researching the options that are available to you.

Technology is now the new way to survive.

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