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With so many accessibility standards to meet, ensuring your organisation’s digital channels are compliant can be complicated. We understand your struggles and can help you navigate problem areas to create measurable impact.

We analyse, develop and educate in all things accessibility by providing support, auditing and an affordable consultancy service.

Fixing accessibility issues early in a project is considerably cheaper than fixing them after launch. Our range of services are tailored to meet your requirements by taking the hard work away and allowing you to reach everyone digitally, while creating a measurable impact.

Accessibility audits

Our accessibility experts run a series of automated and manual checks to test your website, digital services and mobile apps for accessibility, usability and compliance issues. 

All tests are measured against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We test using assistive technologies to show how well your services perform with screen readers and magnification software. 

Following the audit, we will provide you with an in-depth report with actionable prioritised recommendations. Our full-cycle accessibility audit allows you to find out exactly what is affecting your accessibility score.

Accessibility consultancy

We work with you on an hourly or day rate consultancy service to discover your organisation’s accessibility capabilities at every level. 

Whether you are looking for some straightforward answers, an in-depth accessibility strategy and plan or some in depth user testing, we consult in an honest and constructive way to provide you with the solutions you need.

Example projects / phases:


An identification process into how people with accessibility needs use your services or products and the problems they could experience.


Deep dive sessions alongside your team, where we look into your website to ensure it meets the highest standards possible.


The arranging of training sessions and assisting with finding you appropriate suppliers throughout your accessibility journey.

Whatever your need, no matter how big or small, our experts can work with you to find the best solution in allowing you to become fully compliant.

Accessibility workshops

Accessibility is not one person’s job, everyone is responsible. Our accessibility workshops engage your employees so that accessibility becomes a part of your internal culture. We help you to understand the benefits of creating accessible services by providing you with factual and technical insight.

Workshop outlines:

Workshop: An Introduction to Accessibility

This introduction workshop is designed as a motivating session for anyone who is completely new to accessibility. We provide you with an overview of what accessibility is about, what guidelines apply and how accessibility can affect your business.

2 hours

For: anyone within your organisation

In person or virtual

Session includes:

  • An overview of accessibility laws and their importance
  • Clear examples of good and bad accessibility
  • Information about the UK population 
  • Tips on how to get started with your accessibility journey
  • The chance to ask our experts questions

Delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of accessibility
  • List common barriers that people experience
  • Understand accessibility guidelines/laws
  • Describe the business benefits of accessibility
  • Get started on an accessibility action plan

Workshop: Accessibility and Employee Onboarding

This workshop allows your organisation to make work possible for all by advising you on ways to make adjustments for prospect applicants. We share our knowledge and expertise on how to implement cost effective solutions meaning you can hire the best possible candidate, no matter what the requirements are to perform their role.

1/2 day or full day

For: ICT, HR, Learning and Development teams

In person or virtual

Session includes:

  • An overview of screen magnifiers / readers and speech recognition devices
  • Tutorial on how to use a screen reader with Google Workspace
  • Tips for running virtual meetings that are accessible to all
  • Knowledge on the most accessible software and programmes
  • Recommendations on how to implement accessible technologies

Delegates will be able to:

  • Make adjustments to employ a candidate with accessibility requirements
  • Allow their colleagues to enjoy all benefits and privileges
  • Allow qualified colleagues to perform essential job functions
  • Have a knowledge and understanding of accessibility devices
  • Advise other members of staff on accessibility considerations

Workshop: Creating Accessible Content

This workshop allows delegates to embed accessibility into the way they work, your internal systems and processes. We can help your staff come to terms with the accessibility requirements that you have to adhere to. 

It’s important that each person on your team understands how to avoid accidentally making things inaccessible. 

1/2 day or full day

For: Web Authors, Designers and Developers

In person or virtual

Session includes:

  • An introduction into web and document accessibility
  • How to write website content and structure pages
  • Site navigation, orientation and the effects of screen contrast
  • Pointers on what to consider before creating a document
  • How to use images, multimedia, tables and forms

Delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of web and document accessibility
  • Apply principles of accessibility to their work
  • Carry out preliminary checks of a website for accessibility
  • Develop accessible documents, PDFs and web pages
  • Audit documents for noncompliance

Bespoke Accessibility Workshops

We also run bespoke half day and full day workshops where we can address your specific needs and come up with custom solutions. Contact us today to have a free chat.

Free 15 Minute Accessibility Statement Consultation

Use the free Government Accessibility Statement Generator to create your company website’s accessibility statement. 

We can support you with a free 15 minute free consultation to go through the Gov accessibility statement.