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We are Google Workspace enthusiasts. We automate the boring, helping your business run more efficiently and quickly. 

Our developers extend, enhance and turbocharge the functionalities of Google Workspace and Google Sites through custom apps, scripts and workflows. They do this by listening to your process/workflow problems and developing solutions to make your work easier. We provide both off-the-shelf and bespoke Google Apps Scripts.

Our Apps Script integrate with Google Workspace allowing us to extend the functionality of your favourite Google apps like Gmail, Docs, and Drive while connecting to third-party APIs all running on Google’s servers.

Improve quality and consistency

Deliver faster solutions with fewer resources

Get results quickly with no maintenance

Our Google Apps Script products:

Document register


We use Google App Script to automate your online document management, collaboration and file storage. A Google Workspace Document Register allows you to create efficiencies by appropriately sharing and filing documents into organised folders, without the manual work and time that it would take you to do it yourself.

  • Provides multiple authorisation and approval steps
  • Automates email notifications / reminders detailing actions that are required
  • Documents are published to team and individual Google Drives
  • Front end app that can be embedded within a Google Site to provide an overview and portal to access and manage documents
  • Back end to manage the documents and automatic authorisation process

Document automation


We automate document creation and publishing so you don’t have the hassle of having to do it manually. Data can get lost, misplaced or misused and it can be difficult to extract and use it in other systems. Our scripts automatically process, extract and publish documents to solve this issue.

  • Ability to generate documents from various sources
  • Export to various formats such as PDF, excel and word
  • Can automatically share and file in appropriate folders in conjunction with a document register

Staff directory


Our customisable staff directories for Google Workspace allow you to connect your staff in just one click. The easy to use interface allows you to easily search and filter employees based on a criteria. You can highlight staff skills and get powerful insights of your workforce – you decide on all fields to provide valuable introductions to each of your staff members.

  • Integrate with your Google Contacts and Intranet site
  • Filter by name, department, skills, job title and much more
  • Include fun data, awards, team champions etc.
  • Use your own corporate brand colours and customisable fields
  • Personal data never leaves Google Workspace
  • GDPR compliant 

Purchase order tracking system


Our Google Apps Script systems automate your procurement process, prevent manual labour and streamline tasks. They allow you to manage approvals in real time and send designated staff auto populated emails when an action is required.

  • Purchase order status 
  • Track purchase order progress
  • Systems can be deployed quickly
  • Email notifications to verify and authorise
  • Report on bottlenecks and slow-to-act parties
  • All documents stored in Google Sheets and Drive

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