The Digital Transformation Dream Team

Successful digital transformation teams require a breadth of expertise across multiple disciplines. But, it’s important to realise that in order to deliver transformative changes – personalities matter, too. It takes some time and thought to set up a team for success and some personal attributes tend to work better than others. 

Certain IT-specific professionals, like software developers, are a must. I’ve put together a list of other types of personalities – who blend business, technology, and process expertise. I recommend you consider them when recruiting for your digital transformation dream team!

1. The Leader

This important player has good soft skills, accountability, and most importantly, understands what digital transformation is and the benefits it can bring. The lead will have a balance of tech and business skills to ensure technical solutions and the achievement of business objectives.

2. The Project Manager

This member pulls everyone together by having the ability to manage business problems and opportunities. They can quickly make decisions on what works and what does not as they are involved in all phases of the project. This person becomes the voice of the project.

3. The Changer

This person is the champion of communication! They set the cultural and organisational changes within the company and people listen to them. They have a positive presence that influences leaders and employees at all levels to embrace transformation. They can easily adapt to different situations and pivot to a new plan.

4. The UX Pro 

This person will ensure that the technology developed as part of the project focuses on the users experience and makes sure the solutions developed are with the end-user in mind. They are an expert in the field of human-centric and user friendly design.

5. The Techie

These folks define and implement the technical requirements for the project. They understand past, previous and future technology and they embrace it. They can vision how technology can have a positive effect on employees and customers in order to create a positive outcome. 

6. The Analyst 

The Analyst is responsible for developing the data collection and analysis. They will provide the financial framework for the project to and report on return on investment over a period of time. It is up to them to measure all results.

7. The Hacker

These are experts who have the knowledge to break things in order to provide constructive criticism. They will ensure that the functionality is user ready and meets the project requirements that were set from the get go. 

The success of digital transformation projects depends on the involvement of employees across the organisation, including managers and front-line staff. It takes a village to digitally transform your organisation. That village can be as small or as large as you like, if you’re a small company, you can recruit one person to fill two roles listed above. If you approach this strategically and the right people on board, your company can create new business opportunities and add tremendous value.

From first hand experience, we have experienced great successes in setting up our Innovation Team in this way. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you to develop your dream team that can drive digital transformation within your company. Reach out to us today to book your 30 minute complimentary consultation, let’s change together.

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