Technology- The Real Value For Money

I’m sure everyone knows that technology can save time. What is often forgotten is that good use of technology can also save money and even put a positive step forward to help with the growing concerns about climate change and the impact on our planet. The key with implementing new digital solutions is to maximise the benefits that new ways of working can bring to get the best return on your investment. 

Here are a few must dos:

Understand the problem

Always ensure that you have spent time identifying exactly what you want solved. Make sure you are solving a problem that actually exists. You can then plan to design or implement a solution.

Many organisations we speak to have a vague understanding as to what issues they face. Once they have seen the technology available they ‘fall for the kit’ rather than challenging its use in the environment of their day to day working life.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this really the right solution for you? 
  • Do you need to spend your money here? 
  • Will this solution make work better? 

Often tech companies will offer “and it can do this” or “if you have issues with that” and those making the purchase will be deflected from their core needs.

But don’t limit yourself to the immediate; take time to think past the solution and see how the impact of the technology solution could transform other areas of your business. A few days of “blue sky” thinking can save you months of work further down the line.

Share the knowledge

Don’t allow yourself to focus all of your efforts on a few people who will become the ‘owners’ or ’gatekeepers’ of the knowledge. Spread the training across your organisation but invest wisely in bespoke training that gives you exactly what you need. Many organisations try to get by with either “just enough” training or investing in a few people who they hope will pass the knowledge on. Frequently those who have the “new” knowledge have been chosen because of their technical ability not for their ability in transferring that knowledge. Choose and use your experts wisely.

Be firm

A common theme we hear many times: Companies invest fortunes in new technology platforms, spending vast sums on solutions and systems that promise to transform the way they work. However, after the honeymoon period is over, instead of embracing the new ways of working, old habits creep back in and users revert to old ways of working out of habit and fear of the new. New processes and cultures take time to embed in an organisation and have to be monitored, reinforced and adjusted. Make sure your communications to users are planned, well defined and consistent. 


Finally, train and then take away! Remove the previous systems either technically or through agreed implementation plans. Be fair to everyone – ensure training is delivered at the right level for the individual and not for the masses. In hill walking it is a rule that when walking as a group, ensure all members of the group are within sight of each other. Make stops as required to keep everyone together, and allow time for the slowest member to rest too before moving on.

It is the same with training – always keep the group within sight of each other because once you lose the person who is taking more time than you, you will never get that person back to valuing the new technology and embracing the new ways of working. 

To find out how we can help you design, implement and train your people on systems and solutions that will bring you real value for money please get in touch.

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