Digital Transformation Industry Focus: Sales & Recruitment

There is a new term in the HR industry; hybrid recruitment. As much as face to face recruitment continues to take place, it has dwindled considerably by the onset of the pandemic. Companies and recruiters alike are increasingly using digital strategies to recruit into vacant positions in order to keep open vacancies low.

The main thrust of this new style has obviously been video conferencing with platforms such as Google meet. These platforms, which allow for the best use of time saving through scheduling and undertaking interviews virtually, has become the preferred method of finding a new employee. Arguably this transformation gives a much better opportunity for key business leaders to assess candidates at the most convenient time – irrespective of time zones. In previous years, a candidate looking for a job in another country would have to rely on their personality shining through a telephone line – now local and overseas employers can get an actual picture of a potential candidate through a virtual interview.

Another great example of this is the sales environment where time really is money. Many companies that are driven by revenue/sales can’t afford the luxury of time. Businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to train and implement giving sales pitches virtually and getting new contracts signed off through resources such as Docusign.

This has meant that many companies from large corporate giants to small SME’s who rely on their staff to keep their order books full, are having to dust off their digital strategy documents in order to create new ones.

While the preference may shift further back towards the face to face meeting there is now no doubt that the balance has tilted irreversibly. When time is money there is no time for a DIY approach to this subject. It is necessary to bring in the external consultants who can establish the technology required and install and train in a matter of days.

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