Digital Ambassadors

Helping your organisation achieve greater outcomes at both strategic and operational levels

Our Digital Ambassador initiative offers a more efficient alternative to traditional interdisciplinary project work, with clear and achievable benefits for all parties.

Firstly, we actively pinpoint and develop skills already available within your organisation, helping you avoid unnecessary time and expenditure spent with external consultancies.

Secondly, by working closely with your organisation to understand your requirements, staff training needs together with digital solutions can be quickly identified. This integrated approach ensures faster diagnosis and is reflected in our competitive pricing structure.

Ambassadors selected to participate in the initiative will need to demonstrate that they possess a specific skill set and, crucially, the right attitude, passion, and enthusiasm to drive change within your organisation.


Digital ambassadors will focus on specific projects with identifiable and achievable outcomes.

We call these our 'ambassadorial missions'.

For a project or piece of work to be considered for inclusion it must:

  • Link with the goals of your organisation
  • Improve processes, procedures or provision
  • Be of benefit to either staff and/or your customers
  • Encourage collaborative working
  • Encourage the use of technology in new, different or better ways
  • Include SMART outcomes

How it Works

  • Ambassadors are appointed from within your organisation following a selection process
  • Ambassadors pledge two days a month to the initiative
  • Projects are assigned and working groups are formed
  • Outcomes are tracked
  • Outcomes are achieved!